Learning Center

Community Learning Center

The Laurel Community Learning Center will provide material and services which will aid all patrons in obtaining information to meet their personal, educational and professional information needs. The library will serve as a center for learning and enrichment for all patrons regardless of age, sex, or race. The library’s collection will reflect a broad range of subjects with materials acquired in a variety of formats, including various aspects of today’s technologies.

The library has its own school library. The situation is unique at the High School/Elementary library in the fact that the space is shared with the public library. There is a separation of public and school library yet there is fluency between the two areas of the library. Therefore the City Library Board works closely with school administration involving the day to day operation of the facility.

The Laurel Community Learning Center also has many services to offer. As a public library we have books, audio books, and many other types of items in our collection for check out. Also offered are e-books through Nebraska Overdrive, public computers, Wi-Fi, children’s programming, adult education, computer classes, audio-visual equipment, copy machines, distance learning, fax machine, inter-library loans, and laminating.

The Laurel Friends of the Library is a volunteer organization that works to support the Laurel Learning center.