The City of Laurel is a City of the Second-Class in southeast Cedar County, Nebraska. The City is governed by a Mayor and a four-member City Council, which are all elected positions. Laurel employs a City Administrator, who oversees the day-to-day operations of the City and reports to the Mayor/City Council.

A Community Redevelopment Authority (CRA) was incorporated in 2007 under the Nebraska Community Redevelopment Law and is an entity of the City. The CRA is a five-member board, whose members are appointed by the Mayor with City Council approval. The CRA governs the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Program for the City and plays a major role in Economic Development.

Mark Patefield Mayor
Mark Patefield
(402) 256-3112
Mark McCoy City Administrator
Mark McCoy
(402) 256-3112
Keelen Holloway City Attorney
Keelan Holloway
108 Oak Street
Laurel NE 68745
(402) 256-3219
Vicki Carlson
City Clerk

Victoria Carlson
(402) 256-3112
Lori Hansen
Clerical Assistant

Lori Hansen
(402) 256-3112
Chris Rasmussen
Economic Development Coordinator

Chris Rasmussen
(402) 256-9614
City Council Members
Keith Knudsen, President
Logan Garber
Chad Johnson
Mark Koch
Community Redevelopment
Authority Members

Dan Kuhlman, President
Tyler Kvols, Vice-President
Tony Brandow, Secretary
Jim Casey
Steve Hansen