Genesis Enterprises LLC

Genesis Enterprises, LLC is a family-owned company located in Allen, NE, that specializes in manufacturing of frame tents, custom tarps, fabric booths, greenhouses and other custom fabric structures. Their capabilities include sewing, fabric welding and metal fabrication including cutting, bending, welding and finishing of metal tubing.

If you are interested in applying, call Kevin Connot at 402-635-2591.

Position: Lead Fabricator-Supervisor 1

General Abilities: 

  • Supervisory:  must be able to lead a work team to complete timely and profitable projects.
  • Self -Starter:  be able to proactively assist the general manager in the growth of the business through a creative focus.
  • Productivity:  achieve acceptable output of product measured on a dollar value per hour worked.  Target is $100+ per hour per team member. 

Industry Specific Skills: 

  • Design:  utilize shop drawings and sketches and develop product.   Must be able to calculate peak angles, tarp sizes, and special project design. 
  • Select materials – fabric for project based upon specifications and costs.
  • Layout materials and calculate hem and seam allowances for both cut and finish sizes.
  • Operation and maintenance of sewing machines and fabric welder.
  • Fabric accessories:  ability to install grommets, pipe pockets, Velcro, snaps, zippers and other fabric finishing items.
  • Metal fabrication including cutting, bending, welding, and finishing of steel tubing and other materials.
  • Metal fabrication design:  design and calculate fitting and frame dimensions, angles, and pole lengths.
  • Process design:  utilize welding jigs, procedures, work space management to maximize efficiencies.
  • Inventory management:  monitor inventory of raw materials and report when reorder is necessary.
  • Workplace safety:  embrace culture of safe operations and conduct.
  • Packaging: package orders for shipment with emphasis on cost effective and time sensitive and efficient shipping methods.
  • Product development assistance:  work with company owners in design, prototyping and construction of new products and product improvements.
  • Housekeeping:  maintain order and neatness of work areas and embrace company culture with regard to cleanliness.
  • Lifting:  must be able to lift 50+ pounds.
  • Other duties as assigned. 
  • Fabrication procedures:  develop notes, sketches, photos of product fabrication procedures so that another person can pick them up and build products.