Community Club

The Laurel Chamber Community Club, comprised mainly of members representing various businesses in the community, sponsors various events throughout the year, with the support of local businesses and individuals in the Laurel community and surrounding areas, and has since its inception in 1902.  The organization was established “to assure mutual and combined interest of the businessmen in Laurel and advance the general welfare of the village.”  The Easter Egg Hunt and Ag Days have been yearly celebrations for a number of years.  In addition to these, the Laurel Chamber has added a few more events to its yearly calendar, adding Night of Lights in 2009, and Cruise Night in 2016, as well as a Football Tailgate fundraiser, first held in 2013, with the proceeds benefiting the Laurel-Concord-Coleridge School District.

Community members serving on the Laurel Chamber Community Club board typically serve a term of three years.  Current board members are:  Kyla Spahr, Scott Taylor, Craig Gutz, Jeremy Christiansen, Rachel Steffen, Max Rasmussen and Chris Rasmussen.  To express interest in serving on the Laurel Chamber, please contact the city office or one of the current board members.