The Laurel Community Center opened in September 2022 and houses a 5600 sq. ft. Event Center, City Offices, and the Laurel Senior Citizens Center. The Community Center is located at 302 E. 2nd St. in Downtown Laurel.

The event center can be leased in several different configurations, you could rent the entire space, or split the space in half for a smaller gathering or meeting. The senior center area is also available for rent. There are several amenities that go along with the rental of the event center including a bar area, and a catering kitchen. The North section of the event center includes a stage area, while there is an outdoor patio area adjacent to the South section. There are 2 projectors with screens on the North section, on the North and West walls, and 1 projector in the South section on the West wall.

For more information or to view the event center contact Tina Munter at 402-369-9902 or by email:

A copy of the rental agreement for the Laurel Community Center can be accessed at the Laurel City Office weekdays from 8:00am-12:00pm 1:00pm-5:00pm

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