Fitness Center

LCC Fitness Center is a school and public exercise complex that provides exceptional equipment for high school athletes and community members alike.

For questions about Fitness Center membership or to report any problems with key card access, the facilities or equipment, please contact Shasta Hans at the district’s Central Office (402-256-3133) or

Fitness Centers are CLOSED during school hours.   Hours are subject to change.   LCC School reserves the right to schedule activities and/or close the facility. School activities take precedence over individual community member access.


LCC School is pleased to offer LCC Fitness Center membership access to residents living within the boundaries of the school district, as well as to all families who have children enrolled in the school.  

Download Membership Form

Cost is $15 monthly OR $150 annual membership fee (subject to change).

Membership provides access to both LCC School Fitness Centers (Laurel and Coleridge campuses).  Each Fitness Center location offers a variety of fitness equipment and access to gymnasium space.  

To apply for new membership or to renew an existing membership, please complete and submit the Fitness Center Membership Contract.  For assistance, stop by the LCC Central Office (502 Wakefield St, Laurel) or the Middle School Office (203 S. Main St, Coleridge).

Promptly report any problems with facilities or equipment to the district’s Central Office (402) 256-3133.


Please carefully review the Fitness Center Rules and Guidelines established and required for LCC Fitness Center membership access.  Failure to follow these rules and guidelines may result in the loss or suspension of membership privileges. 

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