The City of Laurel is a City of the Second-Class in southeast Cedar County, Nebraska. The City is governed by a Mayor and a four-member City Council, which are all elected positions. Laurel employs a City Administrator, who oversees the day-to-day operations of the City and reports to the Mayor/City Council. A Community Redevelopment Authority (CRA) was incorporated in 2007 under the Nebraska Community Redevelopment Law and is an entity of the City. The CRA is a five-member board, whose members are appointed by the Mayor with City Council approval. The CRA governs the Tax Incriment Financing (TIF) Program for the City and plays a major role in Economic Development.

Mark Patefield

City Council Members
Keith Knudsen, President

Logan Garber

Jason Swanson

Jerry Wiemers

CRA Members
Mark Koch, Chairman

Dawn Casey

Chris Hartung

Kevin Nordby

Dustin Thompson

City Administrator
Mark McCoy

City Clerk
Victoria Carlson

Clerical Assistant
Lori Hansen

City Attorney
Keelan Holloway

Economic Development
Lucas R. Virgil


Fire Protection

Fire protection is provided to the community by a 23-member volunteer fire department.
The department also provides protection to areas outside the community and responds to mutual aid calls with area communities.


There are 10 certified EMT's and 2 paramedics.

Law Enforcement

Laurel employs one full-time and three part-time police officers. The police department utilizes standard equipment for patrol, basic investigation, enforcing traffic law, and report writing.

The Cedar County Sheriff’s Department in Hartington, 21 miles northwest of Laurel, has four sworn officers and five support personnel. The department has a canine unit, four patrol cars with stop strips, technical support equipment, infrared camera, night vision, shot gun, rifle, and stinger. The sheriff’s department, with access to a four-wheeler, jet ski, and boat, also provides coverage for the Corps of Engineers around Gavins Point Dam.

Utilities, Permits and Ordinances


Electricity is distributed in Laurel from the city’s 2400 volt delta system. The city and the rural area surrounding Laurel receive their power from Cedar-Knox Public Power District, a wholesale customer of Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD).

Natural Gas

Natural gas is supplied to Laurel by SourceGas Distribution, LLC. SourceGas is the retail distributor of natural gas within the community, serving approximately 450 residential, commercial, and industrial customers.


The municipal water system in Laurel is supplied by two wells. Groundwater is available for industrial uses. The quality of water in Laurel does not necessitate a water treatment plant.

Sewerage and Solid Waste Disposal

The city of Laurel has a municipal sanitary sewerage system. Laurel’s solid waste disposal service is provided by the city. Waste is taken to the disposal site in Jackson, Nebraska, 31 miles east, which has an estimated life of more than 100 years.

Visit this page to discover Utility information and download available Permits.

Building Permit
Debt Authorization Form
Electrical Permit
Nebraska Electric Division
Permit For Itinerant Sales
Service Application
Tree Permit
Electric Rates - Ordinance #517
Water & Sewer Rates - Ordinance #516
Sanitation - Ordinance #487


Economic Development Coordinator
101 West Second Street, P.O. Box 248
Laurel, Nebraska 68745
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